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Manic Productions

Ticketfly website for a music booking & promotion business

Project Type: Development & Project Management

Launched: September 2012

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Manic Mark

If you’ve ever been to (or played at) a show in the greater New Haven area, chances are you’ve run into “Manic” Mark Nussbaum and his lovable pup Nemo. They’re the patron saints of live music in the great state of Connecticut, and Manic Productions just celebrated its 10th anniversary in business. We made a basic WordPress site for Mark some years back that provided him with much of the functionality he saw on large venue websites. As he’s moved up in the world, he signed on with Ticketfly, which is the actual platform that powers many of the sites Mark’s looked at with admiration over the years. We were given the opportunity to partner with Ticketfly as a registered developer and re-build the Manic Productions website on their fantastic platform. Powered by WordPress, it’s an extraordinarily fully featured suite of plugins that provides Mark with single origin distribution for information about his upcoming shows. In other words, he plugs data into an administrative panel and in seconds he’s pushed the show to his homepage, calendar, Facebook, and Twitter. We were thrilled to bring Mark’s site up to code, and give it a little bit of a face lift along the way.


The Ticketfly platform provides three main views: an events listing, a calendar page, and a single event details page (along with a host of sidebar widgets). These are automatically generated by Ticketfly with minimal styling, and come with abundant CSS classes for efficient styling of elements. We skinned each of these sections to match the Manic aesthetic, and had the entire site up and running in just over a week. Over the years we’ve worked with about a dozen bands, record labels, venues, and festivals. In planning each site’s functionality, we’re usually tasked with providing smooth social media integration, clear calls to action for purchasing tickets, and the ability to track upcoming gigs through a calendar with RSS. With Ticketfly, these features are baked right into the core plugin, so we can focus on providing the best user experience possible rather than fussing with custom Facebook like buttons.


With every passing day it’s becoming more and more important to optimize sites for performance and clarity on mobile devices. Every Ticketfly site comes bundled with a customizable mobile version, complete with upcoming show listings, and full details on each individual event. This saves room in our client budget to really focus on the details of a particular build, rather than stretching our resources across desktop, tablet, and mobile. We love coding for mobile, but we can’t argue when someone wants to do our work for us!

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Wise men have said, "All good things must come to an end", and so it was with Spruce. We began our first project in 2006, and completed our last in Fall 2013. It's been a wonderful experience, but now it's time to begin the next adventure.

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